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Anteriorsoft’s extensive and successful undertakings of IT and IT related projects, has become a harbinger to its new endeavor- Back Office and BPO services. Our international reputation and immense customer satisfaction inspire us to excel in this venture..

Anteriorsoft has:

  • A motivated team comprising English Language professionals
  • Professionals with expertise in major functional areas of Computers
  • Unhindered Internet connection through 2 MBPS Leased line
  • Excellent infrastructure consisting of 30 systems, catering to all the technical needs of a BPO
  • A vision to expand with 100 systems in the next six months
  • A highly advanced security system taking care of the vast database
  • Time advantage: we are ten and a half hours ahead the US time.
  • Value for money of our Overseas clients;
  • A highly committed and optimistic team

To condense it in a nutshell we undertake any work that involves Technical writing and Computers

Anteriorsoft Undertakes:

  • Book keeping and E- accounting Projects: We have certified professionals in quick books software and US GAAP
  • Payroll Processing and transaction Processing
  • Online marketing like bulk e-mailing and ad posting in classifieds
  • Brokerage and Securities transaction
  • Insurance and Medical claim processing
  • Mortgage processing
  • Credit card and check processing
  • Media Tracking and News Transcription
  • E-books conversion
  • Any work which involves computers, English and Internet

For further details contact us at team1@anteriorsoft.com or call us at our US Number. 

Email: info@anteriorsoft.com Voice (india): +91-40-23535677, +91-40-9391049724