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Representative Customers

Anteriorsoft has served a number of clients in integration of web applications, Internet middleware and database technologies. This involved the use of cutting edge technology that would enable easy design, delivery, and maintenance of content on the web sites. This integrated approach to technology utilization and the best of breed methodologies have been employed in conceptualizing the technology backend for these sites:

  • Specialized expert knowledge of our software
  • Complementary services to achieve business impact, including strategy, business process design, and specialty technical services

:: Integrated Voice Response System (IVR) application development:

IVR application is developed for Australian ELectricity department(ESV) using VBvoice software. The application involves using telephone to place a complaint and also to purchase credits, products and service in advance.It involves login, change password, purchase using credit card, account details and address modules. We have used speech engine to integrate Text to speech (TTS) feature into the application. The data will be generted through this application will be stored into MS SQL Server database. A set of stored procedures were used for the functionalities.

Technologies used: .Net with c#, MS-Sql Server-2000, Stored procedures, Speech engine (Speechify client and server)

Clinet: TC, Australia.

:: PDA (Pocket PC) synchronization application:

This PDA application was developed for Australian electricity department (ESV). This applicaton is used for data transfer between PDA and remote database (SQL) using wireless Internet (CDMA or GPRS). Pull and Push technology is used to receive and send data between the PDA and remote server. PDA application will have set of forms, validations and the data will be stored in local sqlce database. Application will reside in PDA and user will synchronize to receive the latest jobs from remote server. Forms will be used to fill the data of that particular jobs. Once jobs are done the data will be stored in sqlce db and it will then be synchronized remote database.

Technologies used: .Net compact framework with c#, Visual studio 2003 PocketPC SDK2003, MS SQL server 2000, SQCE and Active sync

Clinet: TC, Australia.

:: MS-Specialists

This site is automation of Medical Transcription business. Its done in ASP.NET and MS SQL Server. This site provides online platform for doctors, hospitals, clinics of USA at one hand and Medical Transcriptionists in third world countries on other hand to interact, transfer files and do the business together. This site has crucial feautres like IVR integration, Voice recorder integration, MS Word integrator, Content Management system, business automation, doctor module, staff module, online billing and huge admin functionalities.

Clinet: MS-medical solutions, USA.

:: Al-Afasy Mouzam

This is an mobile software developed for Nokia Series 60. Its done in J2ME, Nokia tool kit, JRE and Java2 compiler. This software calculates the Muslim namaz (prayer) timings on fly for everyday and also shows the Qibla direction (Mecca direction) of the selected city. It has alaram set-in so that azan (prayer) will be played exactly at the prayer time of the selected city/country. It allows user to set his own country and city and make it default location for both prayer timings and qibla direction. We have used .wav file of prayer to be played at the appropriate time.
All calculation of prayer timings and qibla direction were done on fly and we calculated based on solar mathematical system. It has two versions: english and arabic for users to choose. The software also has security settings to avoid misuse.

Client: WGM, Kuwait

:: Privex

This Site is a matching site where the matches to companies, lenders, acquirers and investors are done in the most powerful and efficient means ever designed. This site is done in PHP and MySQL. All the information saved by the companies are transferred in encrypted form,This site basically does searching for two main sections (i.e Companies Looking For Debt Financing Vs Lenders Looking For Commercial Borrowers and Companies Looking for buyers or investors Vs buyers or investors looking for companies),The searching code is dynamically generated as a user submits the form to the search engine,Admin Functionalities are huge where search result are displayed dynamically and the companies are contacted through Dynamically generated mail,shopping cart functionality and online billing for the purchasing of Articles is also included in this site.

Client:Spectrum Acquisitions, USA

:: http://www.print-active.co.uk/
[Website for Printing - Ordering Online for Art Work Printing]


Done using ASP.NET and MS SQL server 2000 technologies. It's a database driven website with features like e-commerce, ftp files, customer and supplier profile management, online buiness transactions and admin module. We are working on online business card designer in second phase.



:: http://www.roadside.bz/
[Trucking Search - Wap Services]


This is a WAP enabled site with         M-commerce component. We developed this site using ASP, MS&nbSQL Server and WML technologies on Windows server. This website has customer module, user module, search module ,admin module, e-commerce and M-commerce (Paypal and credit card payment through mobile phone) modules. The user can subscribe to the service using both website and mobile phone either with their Paypal account or credit card. The website has a complex search feature which is also accessed using mobile phones which are WAP enabled.

WAP URL: www.roadside.bz/wap/trucks.wml
Client: Bob.M, USA


:: http://www.neoskyy.com/
[Mobile Project - Downloading Screen Savers, Wallpapers and Ring Tones]


This is a WAP site, developed in ASP.NET and MS SQL server. This site has e-commerce component, admin module, shopping cart, registration..etc. This project invovles shopping for ringtones, screen savers, wallpapers and downloading the same into the mobile phones. The project also checks the mobile model compatibility with the format of ringtones and images. We are working on SMSC integration to it in second phase.



:: http://www.caregiversforhire.com/
[Childcare & Caretakers Job Site]


This is a job site done in ASP.NET and MS Access. This a job site. It has a search feature for job seekers and employers. Employers pay through credit card/Paypal to get listed their jobs online. E-commerce component is integrated into the site. This site also has profile management, admin module, registration..etc



:: Shell Project
[Public Shells and Reverse Merger Shell]


This site is done in PHP and MySql. This is a Venture capital site with e-commerce component (Paypal). It has search function where companies looking for merger or reverse merger with listed companies. It has admin module, database search, profile management, Paypal..etc.


:: Classifeyes
[Online Garage Sales and Ad Posting]


This site is done in PHP and Mysql. This is a garage sale site with complete online garage sale concept. This is also e-commerce site (Credit card). It has a lot of features. Admin module with huge features, online sale, search, product catalogue, product display, shopping cart, credit card payments..etc


:: http://www.bizfin.com/
[Ad Posting & Searching]


This site developed in PHP and Mysql. This site has features like deal database, search engine, national, local listing, back-end admin and other functionalities.


:: Website templates


Anteriorsoft bagged an order for 3000 designs of Flash and HTML templates from a US based client. The work involves creating Photoshop templates, Banners, Headers, Flash headers, and Navigaton buttons. We have now we completed 200 templates. Client provided us with a theme and we designed the templates accordingly.

To view the samples and website package details please click here


:: 2D Flash Animation


Anteriorsoft bagged an order for 1000 minutes of Flash animation (cartoon) from a UK based client. The work involves cartoon animation and the team is doing character design, story boarding, animation and authoring. This involves pre-production, production and post-production. Flash MX is being used to do the animation. We have completed 200 minutes of animation and the project will be completed by August 2003. Client provided us with a script and we designed the characters, story boarding and final composure.

  Sample 1      Sample 2        Sample 3 

:: Magic PDF [ActiveX Component]


We have developed an ActiveX component, that creates PDF files on fly. This ActiveX converts existing html files into pdf format and the values entered in the html file will be reflected in pdf file. Those values will be stored in the Database. The user can take printouts and send e-mail of this generated pdf file. The product is developed with technologies of C++ and VC++. The basic advantage of this product is that it can be easily uploaded to server without the help of server admin..
Client: Agnes Brockus, USA.


:: PMS database


This product is to help the online business completely automated so that any of their employees can access their information from anywhere in the world through Internet. This gives multi-user feature so that different users will have different levels of security. This is an e-office concept.
The product is being developed using ASP, MSSQL Server database, Java script, and JAVA technologies. This product takes 7000 man-hours.
Client: PMS Roofing, USA


:: Site Tuner
[Web template management]


The idea of the product was to managing the resellers and products. The user Interface is divided into two parts, One is front-end functionality and the other is back-end. Front-end deals with customers, resellers, templates, online purchases and registrations. Where as back-end will deal with admin functionalities like add/modify/delete reseller, templates, cost, commissions. It all about managing the resellers and products. Site tuner was developed using PHP with Database on Mysql in Linux server.
Client: Workflow Software, USA.


:: Mobile Media Transfer (MMT)


We have presented a novel mobile laptop user interface for capturing images from web-cameras, with a reliable imaging system called mobile media transfer. Desktop users can communicate a remote camera via a wireless cellular phone. Our client application sends requests to a mmt server, which controls images. The system we presented enables users to visually inspect objects at a remote location, and make time-critical decisions from live pictures of the scene.

Mobile media transfer uses a novel time-sharing technique to give potentially many simultaneous users apparently exclusive control of images. When a client requests a view of the remote scene, and encodes the picture on demand. While the image is being transmitted and viewed, many other requests from other clients can be handled. Thus each client can request an image independently of all the other clients. All clients see the same stream of images

Technologies used: VC++, Java

This application was developed for US client RSM Central Inc, Florida, USA.

:: Web Design & Development:

Following are web sites with various functionalities.

http://www.boudoir-fun.com/   This site was developed for UK client by using HTML, ASP, SQL server database and flash.
http://www.next-systems.biz/   This site was developed for UK client by using HTML, ASP, and flash.
http://www.chickenkitchen.com/  »  This site was developed for US client by using HTML, JavaScript, ASP.
 »  Developed using ASP and SQL Server.
 »  This site was developed for US client Eugenebiro, Inc. We developed the accounts part of the site using PHP scripts and Mysql database.
 »  In this site Anteriorsoft developed Reader service Program using ASP scripts and SQL server as database.
 »  In this site we developed Mysql database and interface using PERL CGI for US client.
 »  This site was developed for US medical attorney Lee Gunter using HTML. We also designed meta tags for better site ranking in search engines.
 »  This site was developed for a US client, EsoftWorld LLC. This is a gift site with e-commerce component. It was developed with scripts using PERL, ASP scripts and with database Mysql.
http://www.mattine.com/  »  This site was developed for US client Agnes Brockus. This is a corporate site and developed with html, Java script.
http://www.ablecargotransit.com/  »  In this site we developed Order Form (Pickup/Delivery requests) using PHP scripts and later configured into the clients mail program.
http://www.continentaltraveler.com/rbc  »  We have redesigned this website with latest graphics and ASP coding.
http://www.comobar2000.com/  »  This site was developed for US client by using HTML, JavaScript, ASP and Animations.
Email: info@anteriorsoft.com Voice (india): +91-40-23535677, +91-40-9391049724