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Anteriorsoft offers bespoke solutions to clients so as to integrate their business goals with their technology initiatives.

Technology Solutions:
Our technology solutions have a wide spectrum of services ranging from development and integration of web applications, internet middleware, database technologies, product engineering, e-commerce and services such as hosting on live servers -- a host of solutions for a technology driven business enterprise.

Our product and systems engineering capabilities allow us to design and execute complex technology solutions for our clients. This includes design and implementation of solutions ranging from simple device drivers to full-fledged software applications and end-to-end system integration … precision engineered solutions that address the technology challenges of our clients.

Web Solutions

With the objective of web enabling operations of large businesses and other significant institutions, we have leveraged on the best of the breed technology expertise to design and implement a number of corporate and information portals. This included, use of ASP, ASP.NET, PHP,JAVA, JSP,WAP, SMSC, MS SQL Server, MySql, MS Access, Oracle, XML, WML etc. depending on client's specific requirements.

A few of these portals are also being maintained and hosted by Anteriorsoft thereby, extending the much-desired comprehensive service support for our clients.

We meet the needs of our global clients and have the required competencies to design content in multiple languages. To view some of the projects click here

Mobile Devices & Wireless Communication

As business is significantly moving from "E" commerce to "M" commerce, our research and development team is continuously working on innovative software solutions for mobile devices like Palms, PDAs, notebooks, Pocket PCs etc.

In keeping with the market demands for wireless communication technologies, our strategists have developed creative solutions to address client needs in using devices while on the move.

The pervasive usage of these mobile devices in business is significantly driving technology development in this segment.

E-learning and Virtual Classrooms

E-learning and virtual classrooms are the new buzzword many corporates are using now a day to train their staff, customers and students. Development of whiteboard, boardroom, and conference room virtually is becoming popular.

Anteriorsoft has geared-up to meet the new technologies and demands coming up with e-learning and virtual classrooms. We have developed expertise in developing SDKs to develop client level applications for communication servers (like macromedia flash), LMS with compliance with AICC levels and other systems. Developing features like text, voice chat, audio, video conferencing, lecture notes, online skills assessments…etc are some of the activities we are doing as part of the e-learning and virtual classrooms projects mostly with environments .Net, ASP/VB and Flash front-end with Database on MS/SQL 2000 Web server IIS Protocol TCP/IP and SMTP.

Web Template Designing

Anteriorsoft has developed a number of ready to use photoshop web templates for hosting companies in US, UK and Europe. Package web sites have attracted number of small business clients around the globe. To view some of the projects click here


As there is growing demand for multi-media, graphics and animation, we have focused our skills in the area of 2D animation. Anteriorsoft is involved in 2D flash animation services to various clients across the globe. Both short and long 2D films in the area of cartoon animation have been developed by the in-house studio using mostly Flash MX technologies. To view some of the projects click here

Email: info@anteriorsoft.com Voice (india): +91-40-23535677, +91-40-9391049724
Voice (USA): (213) 402 - 0401